Extention of deadline for Expression of Interest to host the 17th ISBR Symposium in 2024 (ISBR2024)

To enable prospective applicants sufficient time to complete their Expressions of Interest (EOI) in submitting a Proposal, the ISBR Board has decided to extend the deadline for their submission.

The due date for brief Expressions of Interest has therefore been extended to 29 February 2020, with full detailed Proposals due by 31 October 2020. To express your interest please email admin@isbr.info.

Proposals to host the 17th ISBR Symposium, anticipated to be held in the second half of 2024, are now invited from suitable organizations.

Key prerequisites for submission of a proposal to host the Symposium are: 

  • the official support of a wide range of local stakeholders, including government, regulatory authorities, the research fraternity, and industry;
  • a representative candidate Local Organising Committee (LOC) which has the support of their respective organizations; and 
  • a commitment from the different stakeholders and sponsors to cover a significant part of the local costs of the Symposium.

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