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16th ISBR Symposium - ISBR2022 - Save The NEW Date

Because of the pandemic, the 16th ISBR Symposium had been rescheduled.

New Date: 10 - 14 April 2022

Plant Health, Agriculture & Bioscience Conference - PHAB 2021 has a new date

Due to the pandemic, the PHAB has been rescheduled for 22 - 24 September 2021 in the Hague, Netherlands.

Extention of deadline for Expression of Interest to host the 17th ISBR Symposium in 2023 (ISBR2023)

The ISBR is pleased to have received a number of enquiries regarding its Call for Proposals to Host the 17th ISBR Symposium in 2023 (ISBR2023).

To enable prospective applicants sufficient time to complete their Expressions of Interest (EOI) in submitting a Proposal, the ISBR Board has decided to extend the deadline for their submission.

The due date for brief Expressions of Interest has therefore been extended to 29 February 2020, with full detailed Proposals due by 31 October 2020.

Call for proposal to host the 17th ISBR Symposium in 2023 (ISBR2023)

ISBR issues a call for proposals to host the 17th ISBR Symposium in 2023 (ISBR2023)

15th ISBR Symposium - Newsletter Vol.6

Read the concluding installment of the ISBR2019 newsletter!

Another 15th ISBR symposium summary by the ISBR2019 attendees!

15th International Society for Biosafety Research Symposium: An Experience in the
World of Biosafety and 15th International Society for Biosafety Research Symposium: Students’ Take in the April issue of the South Asia Biosafety Program newsletter!

ISBR2019 summary by Justin Cremer from Alliance for Science

Read the 15th ISBR Symposium summary titled "Addressing biosafety research’s ‘communication problem’" by Justin Cremer from Alliance for Science.

15th ISBR Symposium - Newsletter Vol.4

We are pleased to announce that Jack Bobo, Vice President for Global Policy and Government Affairs of Intrexon Corporation, will be the Keynote Speaker for ISBR2019’s opening session, “Communications and engagement with policy and public audiences”. The title of his talk will be “Can agriculture save the planet before it destroys it?”

15th ISBR Symposium - Newsletter Vol.3

The ISBR2019 Symposium Program features *FOUR* sets of Parallel Sessions in order to give each attendee multiple opportunities to go deeper into the topics you are most interested in, as well as Open Sessions to follow-up on late-breaking subjects.

15th ISBR Symposium - Newsletter Vol.2

Three of our four Keynote speakers are now confirmed:

Plenary Session 2: Dr Jeff Wolt
Plenary Session 3: Dr Rob Horsch
Plenary Session 4: Dr Alison van Eenennaam