Program Committee

The Program Committee is responsible for the overall coordination of the scientific content of the biennial International Symposium on the Biosafety of Genetically Modified Organisms, including:

  • Working with the Symposium Committee to ensure that a cohesive theme for the symposium is developed, the symposium is international in scope and presentation, and the symposium is aligned with the mission of the society.
  • Identifying session and workshop topics that fit with the above criteria.
  • Identifying session chairs and workshop coordinators.
  • Ensuring that the topics and speakers are appropriate and provide an overall flow within and between sessions and workshops.

With the agreement of the ISBR Board, the Program Chair selects a Program Committee that represents the broad membership and international scope of ISBR. At a minimum, this includes:

  • A member of the Symposium Committee.
  • The Publications Committee Chair.
  • Two representatives of the regulatory community.
  • Two representatives of the public research community.
  • Two representatives of the private sector.

The Chair of the Program Committee:

  • Coordinates the activities of the Program Committee.
  • Develops a project plan for program development to be agreed upon with the Symposium Committee.
  • Works with the Symposium Committee to determine the number of sessions and workshops.
  • Develops a draft program to be agreed upon with the Symposium Committee.
  • Ensures that timelines are met by the Program Committee, in order to communicate and market the symposium (meet timing for postings on websites, communications such that invitations can be made in a timely manner, production of brochures, etc).
  • Makes no financial commitments or extend formal invitations to speakers without the agreement of the Symposium Committee.
  • Briefs the members of ISBR’s Board of Directors on decisions related to the symposium program, as necessary.'

Program Commitee Chair: Morven McLean