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15th ISBR Symposium Banner
The preparations for the 15th ISBR Symposium are now in full swing and we are looking forward to seeing you 1-4 April 2019 in Tarragona, Spain.  As you may have noticed, ISBR has changed the name of our biennial symposium series from the previous ISBGMO to the new ISBR Symposium.  This marks a new chapter for ISBR, and so we’d like to share why we’ve taken this positive step. 
From its inception in 1990, the society’s symposium series has primarily focused on biosafety research and environmental risk assessment of genetically modified (or transgenic) plants – and with good reason.  For the past twenty years, GM plants have been at the forefront of releases into the environment, catalyzing significant research and regulatory efforts.  However, ISBR also recognizes that new innovations in modern biotechnology are driving research and development of new tools and technologies that will have significant impacts on agriculture and food systems – and by extension sustainability, public health, natural resource management, and economic and social development.  This presents an exciting and important opportunity for ISBR to continue is fulfill its aim "to encourage research which supports the safe and effective use of biotechnology in agriculture and food production and assists the development of the relevant policy and regulation".
Under the new ISBR Symposium, the current state of research, risk assessment, and regulation relating to more "traditional" GM plants will be an important part of the symposium program, and that is why we will continue the series numbering.  Additionally, the ISBR Symposium will also welcome the inclusion of research, risk assessment and regulatory topics related to new technological advancements, like gene drives and genome editing. The expanded scope of the ISBR Symposium series is well-aligned with ISBR’s mission, and we’re confident that together we will have a vibrant and robust symposium in 2019.  
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