Student Scholarships

ISBGMO14 ABSTC Scholarship Program

Agricultural Biotechnology Stewardship Technical Committee

The 14th International Symposium on the Biosafety of Genetically Modified Organisms (ISBGMO14), is a biennial, international meeting organized by the International Society for Biosafety Research (ISBR), which offers a unique opportunity to share information and experiences as well as engage in open and meaningful dialogue on biosafety research, risk analysis, policy and regulatory matters.

The Scholarship program, sponsored by the Agricultural Biotechnology Stewardship Technical Committee (ABSTC), provides an opportunity for young scientists to present their research, findings and achievements with colleagues at the conference. Presenting at ISBGMO is a noteworthy way for young scientists to share expertise or accomplishment and presenters will have a dedicated time to present and discuss their work with the diverse group of attendees. 

Scholarship Requirements

Applications must be submitted in English to be considered. The following must be provided:

  • An abstract of your research project (Limit 300 words)
  • A short CV (including relevant experience and publications, maximum two pages)
  • Proof of current enrollment as a student
  • A letter of recommendation from an advisor (maximum 1 page) 

Priority of scholarships will still be given to registered students, however the following applicants will also be considered:

  • New graduates within 18 months of graduation  (must show proof of graduation date)
  • Pre-doctoral or Post-doctoral researchers (must have letter from supervisor documenting their appointments)

Deadline: March 6, 2017

Apply for the Scholarship

Please send all application materials to: Dr. Pamela Bachman 

Please note: All abstracts submitted to the scholarship program will be considered for acceptance at ISBGMO14, therefore it is possible to receive acceptance to ISBGMO14 but not be selected for a scholarship. All communications must be in English.


All abstracts must convey relevance to biosafety research, environmental risk assessment of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), or the regulation of GMOs – plants, animals, arthropods, or micro-organisms.  Presentations describing basic research e.g., construct development, gene discovery, transformation methods etc. will not be considered.

Scholarship Details

Scholarship recipients will be sponsored to present their research at the 14th International Symposium on the Biosafety of Genetically Modified Organisms (ISBGMO), to be held in Guadalajara, Mexico in 2017. The scholarship funding will include:

  • Economy class airfare to/from Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Standard hotel accommodations during ISBGMO14
  • Payment of the winner’s ISBGMO14 registration fee

The winners’ names and abstracts will be posted on the ISBGMO14 Program website.

Helpful Suggestions 

  • Check for proper spelling and grammar. 
  • Use a standard typeface such as Times Roman with a font size of 12.
  • Begin sentences with words (not numbers).
  • Standard abbreviations may be used without definition, but nonstandard abbreviations/acronyms should be placed in parentheses after the first use of the terminology. It is important to keep nonstandard abbreviations/acronyms to a minimum, to allow for readability and understanding.
  • Do not include tables, figures, or graphs in the abstract. Such content is appropriate for the presentation.
  • Try to organize the abstract with the following headings where appropriate: purpose, methods, results, conclusions (e.g., for research projects) OR purpose, description, evaluation and outcomes (e.g., for capacity building projects).