Poster Session II

The poster specifications are:

  • Poster display boards are 1.8 meter high.
  • Poster size should be 1.2 meter high by 80 centimetres wide to fit on the display board.
  • All the posters and additional materials are to be prepared and printed by the author/presenter.

Socio-economic and ethical considerations

Molecular, agronomic/phenotypic, compositional, toxicological and nutritional characterisation of GM plants

Southern-by-Sequencing (SbS) for molecular characterisation of GMOs and gene edited varieties
Kent Brink, DuPont Pioneer
Co-author: Maria Fedorova

Molecular characterisation of transgenic events for safety assessment using Next Generation Sequencing approaches
Satish Guttikonda, Dow AgroSciences
Co-author: Pradeep Marri

Next-Generation Sequencing tools for molecular characterisation of new traits
Kent Brink, DuPont Pioneer
Co-author: Maria Fedorova

Different approaches for guarantee quality and genetic purity of seeds
Mariana Menoni, Instituto Nacional de Semillas
Co-authors: Jessica Mateauda, Vanessa Sosa

Meta-analysis of data on the expression of Cry proteins and field performance of Bt-cotton hybrids approved in India
Govind Kumar Rai, Biosafety Support Unit
Co-authors: Rajalakshmi Muralidharan, Sunil Nayak, Sangeeta Agarwal, Vanga Siva Reddy, S Raghavendra Rao

Salt/drought tolerant and higher yielding aromatically prized Kalijeera rice by downregulating the Drought and Salt Tolerant Transcription factor, DST
Ar-Rafi Md Faisal, University of Dhaka
Co-author: Zeba Islam Seraj

Jasmonic acid induced defence responses in conventional and transgenic corn seedlings expressing Bt-insecticidal proteins
Yuanjiao Feng, South China Agricultural University (SCAU)
Co-author: Jianwu Wang

Reduced caterpillar damage benefits Lygus hesperus on Bt-cotton
Joerg Romeis, Agroscope
Co-authors: Michael Eisenring, Steven Naranjo, Joe Hull, Michael Meissle, Sven Bacher

Brazilian industrial processing of GM sugarcane produces sugar and ethanol indistinguishable from products derived from conventional sugarcane
Adriana Cheavegatti Gianotto, Centro de Tecnologia Canavieira
Co-authors: Danielle Angeloni Oldemburgo, Graciela de Amaral Merheb, Maria Lorena Sereno, Agustina Gentile, Ron Lirette, Wladecir Salles Oliveira

Compositional assessment of GM traited landraces: Evidence for the safe co-existence of landraces and modern maize hybrids
Elisa Leyva-Guerrero, Monsanto
Co-author: Mariana Zavala Lopez

Comparative assessment on key component compositions between imported GM soybeans and local non-GM soybeans from Taiwan
Huan-Yu Lin, Food Industry Research and Development Institute (FIRDI)
Co-authors: Jen-Tao Chen, Mei-Li Chao, Bo-Chou Chen, Jo-Chi Wang, Hsuen-Chun Liao, Hsin-Tang Lin, Wen-Shen Chu

Detection, identification and quantification of products resulting from the use of new plant breeding techniques
Slawomir Sowa, Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute
Co-authors: Anna Linkiewicz, Janusz Zimny

LC-MS/MS based methods for in vitro digestibility and quantification of transgenic membrane proteins
Xue-Rong Zhou, Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
Co-author: Susan MacIntosh

Safety evaluation and approval Status of GM foods in Korea
Kang Yun-SookNovel Food Division, Department of Food Safety Evaluation, National Institute of Food and Drug Safety Evaluation, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
Co-author: Woo-Young Lee, Myung-Sang Yoo, Ji-Eun Shin, Mi-Ran Jang, Su-Eun Lee, Ji-Yeon Kwak, Ji-sun Park and Jin-Hwan Hong

The International Life Sciences Institute Crop Composition Database (ILSI-CCDB)
Laurie Bennett, International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) Research Foundation
Co-authors: Veronique J Barthet;, Alison Edwards, Brandon Fast, Nancy Gillikin, Jeffrey D Klucinec, Justin McDonald, Jane Sabbatini, Jannavi R Srinivasan, Theresa Sult, Gregory B Tilton

Sub-chronic toxicological evaluation of GM sugarcane in albino rabbits
Farheen Bhatti, National Institute for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (NIBGE)
Co-author: Asif Qadri

Analysis of two varieties of transgenic soybean and a conventional variety by the Micronucleus Test, in mice
Edith Alba Segovia Corrales, Universidad Nacional de Asuncion
Co-authors: Romina Arrua, Nathalia Barrozo, Guillermo Kurita, Carlos Mussi, Gisel Piris, Rosa Oviedo

Comparative safety assessment of insect-resistant GM rice in nutrition profiles
Seon-Woo Oh, National Institute of Agricultural Science
Co-authors: Soo-Yun Park, Seong-Gon Lee

Comparison of nutritional composition between the transgenic rice varieties and conventional comparators using univariate and multivariate analysis
Soo-Yun Park, National Institute of Agricultural Science
Co-authors: Seonwoo Oh, Seong-Kon Lee, Yunsoo Yeo, Hyn Suk Cho

Nutritional safety assessment of GM rice (insect resistance) using the database of commercial rice varieties
Seon-Woo Oh, National Institute of Agricultural Science
Co-authors: Soo-Yun Park, Seong-Gon Lee, So Young Lee, Hyun-Suk Cho


Insect resistance monitoring/management

The interaction of lepidopteran pests with Bt-crops: Evaluating the assumptions central to the high-dose/refuge IRM strategy
Andri Visser, North-West University
Co-authors: Johnnie Van Den Berg, Hannalene Du Plessis, A Erasmus

Diatraea saccharalis resistance to Herculex® maize in an isolate area in San Luis in Argentina: Detection, characterisation and management
Ana Maria Signorini, Dow AgroSciences
Co-authors: Magdalena Lopez Olaciregui, Gustavo Abratti, Analiza P Alvez, Desmi Chandrasena, Clint Pilcher, Nicholas P Storer

Differential gene expression among Philippine populations of Asian corn borer (Ostrinia furnacalis Guen.) (Lepidoptera: Crambidae)
John Carlo Medrano Marasigan, University of the Philippines Los Banos
Co-authors: Desiree M Hautea, Ma Anita M Bautista

Development and characterisation of the Asian corn borer resistance to Bt-toxin Cry1Ie
Kanglai He, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS)
Co-author: Yueqin Wang

ABCC transporters influences Bacillus thuringiensis Cry1Ac toxicity in the oriental armyworm Mythimna separate
Xingfu Jiang, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS)
Co-authors: Cong Zhu, Lei Zhang, Yunxia Cheng, Lizhi Luo

Seed industry management of field-evolved resistance to Bt-corn in a population of Diatraea saccharailis in Argentina
Maria Fabiana Malacarne, Asociacion Semilleros Argentinos
Co-authors: Gustavo Abratti, Damian Grimi, Magdalena Lopez Olaciregui, Marcos Machado, Florencia Figueroa Bunge, Betiana Parody, Laura Ramos, Ana Signorini

Spodoptera frugiperda resistance to Cry1F Bt-protein in maize in Argentina: Detection, characterisation, and management
Ana M Signorini, Dow AgroSciences
Co-authors: Magdalena Lopez Olaciregui, Gustavo Abratti, Analiza P Alvez, Desmi Chandrasena, Clint Pilcher, Nicholas P Storer

Alternate hosts of eggplant fruit and shoot borer, Leucinodes orbonalis Guenee in the Philippines: Implications for resistance management with Bt-eggplant
Lourdes D Taylo, University of the Philippines Los Banos
Co-author: Desiree M Hautea



Post-market monitoring of biotechnology-derived crops in Brazil
Daniella PV Braga, Monsanto
Co-authors: Gustavo G Belchior, Augusto C Crivellari, Luis RG Favoretto, Geraldo Ubirajara Berger

Long-term datasets for post-market environmental monitoring of GMOs: Their importance and challenges in South Africa
Ntakadzeni Tshidada, Department of Environmental Affairs
Co-authors: Tlou Masehela, Thato Mogapi

Strategy to assess the quality of DNA extracts used in the monitoring of GMOs by the q-PCR technique. An alfalfa seeds case
Daniela Tosto, National Institute of Agronomic Technology (INTA)
Co-authors: VC Pedrorias, MD Medina, V Fretes, N Aguirre, MC Martínez, RA Heinz

Developing and implementing a national post-market environmental monitoring framework for GMOs in South Africa
Tlou Masehela, South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI)


Capacity building

Technology transfer and capacity building in biotechnology and biosafety for a sustainable and intensified agriculture in Africa
Marc Heijde, International Plant Biotechnology Outreach (IPBO)
Co-authors: Sylvie de Buck, Silvia Travella, Vanessa de Bauw, Godelieve Gheysen, Marc Van Montagu


Public perception and risk communication

Risk communication – The understated game changer in biosafety policy development and implementation in Africa
Samuel Edudzi Timpo, NEPAD Agency African Biosafety Network of Expertise (ABNE)
Co-authors: Joseph Guenthner, Karim Maredia

The dismal failure of risk communication for GMOs
Robert McDowell, Consult MRS

Stakeholders' attitudes towards implementing risk assessment and risk management for GMOs in Uganda
Barbara Mugwanya Zawedde, National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO)
Co-authors: Nassib Mugwanya, Yona Baguma

Communication and public perception of GM crops: The experiences of South-South LA projects shaping a communication strategy
Deise Maria Fontana Capalbo, Brazilian Agriculture Research Corporation (EMBRAPA) – Environment
Co-authors: Margaret G Karembu, Faith N Nguthi

Readiness of the Nigerian public for the introduction of GM crops into the food market
Oluwakemi Hannah Oladipo, National Biotechnology Development Agency

Public awareness and the Asian BCH roadmap: The Philippines experience
Julieta Fe L Estacio, National Committee on Biosafety of The Philippines
Co-author: Katherine Soriano

Socio-economic and ethical considerations

The interplay of gene editing regulation and social impacts
Agustina Whelan, Ministry of Agro-industry
Co-author: Martin Lema

Impact assessment of genome editing in plants
Dominik Modrzejewski, Julius Kuhn-Institute (JKI)
Co-authors: Joachim Schiemann, Ralf Wilhelm, Frank Hartung, Thorben Sprink, Dorthe Krause

Biosafety regulators' challenge: Measuring and monitoring the socio-economic impacts of GMOs in the Philippines
Leonardo A Gonzales, Philippine Department of Science and Technology Biosafety Committee (DOST-BC)

Ex-ante assessment of the potential impact of transgenic banana resistant to BXW disease in East Africa
Leena Tripathi, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)
Co-author: Victor Manyong

Quantification of GM soybean pollen in Mexican honey using digital PCR
Amanda Galvez, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Co-authors: Maricarmen Quirasco, Eric Vides, Cindy Estrada, Irma Hernandez, Remy Vandame, Michelle Chauvet, Francisca Acevedo, Elleli Huerta

The advantages of glyphosate-resistant corn production in China
Xiangju Li, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS)
Co-authors: Hailan Cui, Huilin Yu

Evaluation of weed control efficacy and safety of glyphosate in herbicide tolerant transgenic maize
Huilin Yu, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS)
Co-authors: ZongHua Quan, Xiangju Li