Poster Session I

The poster specifications are:

  • Poster display boards are 1.8 meter high.
  • Poster size should be 1.2 meter high by 80 centimetres wide to fit on the display board.
  • All the posters and additional materials are to be prepared and printed by the author/presenter.
Download full poster specifications here!

Regulatory considerations

Establishing biodiversity damage resulting from GMOs
Claudia Colmenarez Ortiz, Ghent University

Inspired eyes: The current biotechnology legislation in the international landscape from a student’s perspective
Eliel Ignacio Villegas Felix, Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey
Co-authors: Luis Francisco Garcia, Daniel Gómez Dominguez

New biotechnologies and innovation: A challenge for the Mexican regulatory system
Diana Priscilla Bonilla Ruelas, Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores Monterrey
Co-author: Luis Antonio Ventura Martínez

Problem formulation approach to assess the risk of GM maize use in Mexico: A preliminary exercise using the proposed Official Mexican Standard (NOM)
Sol Guerrero-Ortiz, Cornell Alliance for Science
Co-author: Sol Ortiz Garcia

Regulated field trials in Mexico. Planning and implementation through interdisciplinary approach
Carlos Patino-Echeverri, Monsanto
Co-authors: S Escoto-Hernandez, A Tellez L Castillo G Medina-Palacios

ERA studies for biotechnology-derived products in Brazil
Daniella PV Braga, Monsanto
Co-authors: Gustavo G Belchior, Marcia OMA Jose, Daniel J Soares, Hallison V Vertuan, Geraldo U Berger

The joint evolution of institutional organisation and GMO risk analysis in Argentina
Agustina Whelan, Ministry of Agro-industry
Co-author: Martin Lema

Government support for deregulation of public sector GMOs in Argentina
Agustina Whelan, Ministry of Agro-industry
Co-author: Martin Lema

Uruguayan biosafety framework for developing and/or handling GM vegetables under confined conditions
Alejandra Ferenczi, Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries
Co-author: Mariela Mauro

20 years of biosafety in Bolivia. Lessons learned
Cecilia Gonzalez Paredes, Instituto Boliviano de Comercio Exterior

Technical specifications and procedural scope of the new Mexican official standard (NOM) for the ERA of GMOs
Jaime E Padilla-AceroAgroBIO Mexico
Co-authors: G Medina-Palacios, D Lugo-Barrera, A Navarro-Gomez, D Gutierrez-Galeano, M Palomera-Cardenas, N Torres Arredondo, JM de la Fuente-Martinez

Rethinking regulatory policy and practice for effective GMO oversight in Uganda: A perceptive treatise
Gumisiriza Gilbert, Uganda Biosciences Information Center (UBIC)
Co-author: Karim Maredia

Complementarity or contradiction: Application of ERA and SECs for GM crops deregulation in Africa
Francis Nang'ayo, African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF)
Co-author: Sylvester Oikeh

GMO regulation in New Zealand: Unique features, first GMO release and recent changes in the "not GMO" regulations
Tim Strabala, Environmental Protection Authority (NZ EPA)
Co-author: Stephen Cobb

ERA considerations


Regulatory science versus research science: Decision making for environmental release of GM plants
Peter Thygesen, Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR)
Co-author: Alison Wardrop

ERA of RNAi-based crops in Argentina
German Ceizel Borella, Ministry of Agro-industry
Co-authors: Agustina Whelan, Martin Lema

Biosafety strategies for tropical tree (Cedrela odorata) transformation
Yuri Jorge Pena-Ramirez, El Colegio de la Frontera Sur
Co-authors: Luisa Lopez-Ochoa, Max Mizraim Apolinar Hernandez

Relevance of environmental safety assessments of individual biotechnology-derived traits for products combining multiple traits through conventional breeding
Ernest L Clawson, Monsanto
Co-authors: Lulu Cheng, Jamis Perrett, Aqeel Ahmad, Yan Wei, Oscar Heredia, Muhammad Asim, Hallison Vertuan, Murtaza Quddusi, Daniel Soares, Peter Asiimwe

Regulatory assessment of breeding stacks of approved parental events: Case study in Argentina and Paraguay
Magdalena Lopez Olaciregui, Dow AgroSciences
Co-authors: Cecilia Roca, Nicholas P Storer, Greg Bradfisch

Risk assessment of GM potato with the erf gene for bacterial wilt resistance in Uruguay
Federico Boschi, National Seed Institute
Co-authors: Francisco Vilaró, Sara Murchio, Claudia Schvartzman, Cyril Zipfel, Marco Dalla Rizza


Data transportability for field trial research
John Teem, International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) Research Foundation
Co-authors: Larissa Jarvis, Monica Garcia-Alonso, Paul Hendley, Marc L Metzger, Navin Ramankutty

How to detect synergism among Bacillus thuringiensis insecticidal proteins without a priori assumptions Regarding the mode of action
Jianhong Wu, Syngenta Crop Protection
Co-authors: Frederick S Walters, Gerson Graser

CADIMA: An online tool supporting the reporting and conduct of the evidence synthesis process
Ralf Wilhelm, Julius Kuhn-Institute (JKI)
Co-authors: Christian Kohl, Stefan Unger, Steffen Kecke, Joachim Schiemann

Research with GM plants in a government-funded protected field site in Switzerland
Joerg Romeis, Agroscope
Co-authors: Susanne Brunner, Michael Meissle, Andrea Patocchi, Michael Winzeler


Effects of Cry1Ab Bt-rice straw return on the earthworm Eisenia fetida
Yinghua Shu, South China Agricultural University (SCAU)
Co-author: Jianwu Wang

Testing insecticidal proteins and GM plant material on a surrogate dipteran species
Michael Meissle, Agroscope
Co-authors: Simone Haller, Joerg Romeis

The risk assessment of Cry1Ie protein on Chrysoperla sinica larvae
Kanglai He, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS)
Co-author: Xinxin Gao

Levels of Cry1Ac protein in herbivorous and predatory arthropods in Bt-soybean
Young-Joong Kim, Seoul National University

Impacts of sugarcane expressing Cry1Ab protein on non-target arthropods in Brazilian field conditions
Adriana Cheavegatti Gianotto, Centro de Tecnologia Canavieira
Co-authors: Danielle Angeloni Oldemburgo, Silvio Christofoletti Junior, Mariana Abdal, Tarciso Morescalchi Bortolin, Wladecir Salles Oliveira

Change of Bt-protein in the process of eight-times continuous Bt-corn planting and straw returning to soil and its effects on soil nutrient content
Jianwu Wang, South China Agricultural University (SCAU)
Co-author: Yuanjiao Feng

Effect of Cry1Ab Bt-maize straw return on greenhouse gases emission and nitrogen cycle in soil
Jianwu Wang, South China Agricultural University (SCAU)
Co-author: Yinghua Shu

Transgenic overexpression of EPSPS in Arabidopsis thaliana can enhance fecundity in the absence of glyphosate
Zachery T Beres, Ohio State University (OSU)
Co-authors: Xiao Yang, Lin Jin, Jason T Parrish, Wanying Zhao, David M Mackey, Allison A Snow

Crop wild relatives of cultivated eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) in the Philippines – Does Bt-eggplant pose a real threat?
Desiree M Hautea, University of the Philippines Los Banos
Co-authors: Nestor C Altoveros, Visitacion C Huelgas, Maria Lea H Villavicencio

Assessment of impact of gene flow on biodiversity: Experience with GM mustard
Pranjali Vishwakarma, Biosafety Support Unit
Co-authors: Sangeeta Agarwal, Vanga Siva Reddy, S Raghavendra Rao

Agronomic, ecological and genetic-segregation assessment of GM traited landraces: Evidence for the safe coexistence of maize landraces with modern GM maize hybrids
Bill Duncan, Monsanto
Co-authors: Baltazar Baltazar, Todd Werk, Silverio Garcia, Duska Stojsin, Juan Manuel de la Fuente Martinez, Aniruddha Raychaudhuri

Assessing the risk of GM sugarcane outcrossing with a related wild species using phylogenetic and pollen viability studies
Khanyi Hlobisile, North-West University
Co-authors: DM Komape, SJ Snyman, SJ Siebert, S Barnard

Conservation and biosafety alternatives for productive coexistence of conventional and GM maize in its center of origin and genetic diversity
Jaime E Padilla-Acero, AgroBIO Mexico
Co-authors: L Cordova-Tellez, S Garcia-Lara, E Molina-Macias, G Medina-Palacios, S Escoto-Hernandez, D Lugo-Barrera, JM de la Fuente-Martinez

Evaluating the risks of possible adverse effects of glyphosate on human and environmental health
Robert McDowellConsult MRS

Genetic engineering for environmental restoration? Transgenic American chestnut shows heritable resistance to chestnut blight with minimal non-target impacts
Andrew Newhouse, State University of New York College of Environmental Science & Forestry (SUNY-ESF)
Co-author: William A Powell

GM cotton impact after 20 years of cultivation in Mexico
Martha Graciela Rocha Munive, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Co-authors: Valeria Souza, Luis Eguiarte, Alejandra Bravo, Mario Soberon, Saul Castaneda, Esteban Niaves, Enrique Scheinvar, Urbano Nava-Canberros, Enrique Rosales Robles, Jose Luis Martinez Carrillo, Carlos Blanco, David Mota Sanchez, Antonio Palemon Teran, Concepcion Rodriguez-Maciel, Sotero Aguilar-Medel, Jose Falck-Zepeda, Greg Traxler