Poster Session I

The poster specifications are:

  • Poster display boards are 1.8 meter high.
  • Poster size should be 1.2 meter high by 80 centimetres wide to fit on the display board.
  • All the posters and additional materials are to be prepared and printed by the author/presenter.

Regulatory considerations

Establishing biodiversity damage resulting from GMOs
Claudia Colmenarez Ortiz, Ghent University

Inspired eyes: The current biotechnology legislation in the international landscape from a student’s perspective
Eliel Ignacio Villegas Felix, Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey
Co-authors: Luis Francisco Garcia, Daniel Gómez Dominguez

New biotechnologies and innovation: A challenge for the Mexican regulatory system
Diana Priscilla Bonilla Ruelas, Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores Monterrey
Co-author: Luis Antonio Ventura Martínez

Problem formulation approach to assess the risk of GM maize use in Mexico: A preliminary exercise using the proposed Official Mexican Standard (NOM)
Sol Guerrero-Ortiz, Cornell Alliance for Science
Co-author: Sol Ortiz Garcia

Regulated field trials in Mexico. Planning and implementation through interdisciplinary approach
Carlos Patino-Echeverri, Monsanto
Co-authors: S Escoto-Hernandez, A Tellez L Castillo G Medina-Palacios

Regulatory data generation for the commercial approval of biotechnology-derived products in Brazil
Daniella PV Braga, Monsanto
Co-authors: Gustavo G Belchior, Marcia OMA Jose, Daniel J Soares, Hallison V Vertuan, Geraldo U Berger

The joint evolution of institutional organisation and GMO risk analysis in Argentina
Agustina Whelan, Ministry of Agro-industry
Co-author: Martin Lema

Government support for deregulation of public sector GMOs in Argentina
Agustina Whelan, Ministry of Agro-industry
Co-author: Martin Lema

Uruguayan biosafety framework for developing and/or handling GM vegetables under confined conditions
Alejandra Ferenczi, Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries
Co-author: Mariela Mauro

Application of authorisations' system for biosafety to work with GMOs
Marvis Esther Suarez Romero, National Center for Biosafety
Co-author: Leyenis García Santos

20 years of biosafety in Bolivia. Lessons learned
Cecilia Gonzalez Paredes, Instituto Boliviano de Comercio Exterior

Biotechnology and biosafety in Africa: Building functional regulatory systems for safe deployment of GM crops in Africa
Olalekan Akinbo, NEPAD African Biosafety Network of Expertise (ABNE)
Co-author: Diran Makinde

Nigeria's country report on biosafety and laboratory safety
Hajara Oyiza Yusuf, National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA)
Co-author: Gloria IB Obioh

GMO regulation in Nigeria: Processes, challenges and opportunities
Chinyere V Nzeduru, National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA)
Co-author: Rufus Ebegba

Public participation in decision making during environmental release of GMOs: A Kenyan experience
Dorington O Ogoyi, National Biosafety Authority
Co-author: Josphat Muchiri

Rethinking regulatory policy and practice for effective GMO oversight in Uganda: A perceptive treatise
Gumisiriza Gilbert, Uganda Biosciences Information Center (UBIC)
Co-author: Karim Maredia

Complementarity or contradiction: Application of ERA and SECs for GM crops deregulation in Africa
Francis Nang'ayo, African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF)
Co-author: Sylvester Oikeh

GMO regulation in New Zealand: Unique features, first GMO release and recent changes in the "not GMO" regulations
Tim Strabala, Environmental Protection Authority (NZ EPA)
Co-author: Stephen Cobb


ERA considerations


Regulatory science versus research science: Decision making for environmental release of GM plants
Peter Thygesen, Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR)
Co-author: Alison Wardrop

ERA: Regulatory challenges
Marlene Keese, Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)

Environmental risk and impact assessment of GM crops in Africa: Where is the conflict?
Douglas W Miano, University of Nairobi
Co-author: William M Muiru

ERA of RNAi-based crops in Argentina
German Ceizel Borella, Ministry of Agro-industry
Co-author: Agustina Whelan

Biosafety strategies for tropical tree (Cedrela odorata) transformation
Yuri Jorge Pena-Ramirez, El Colegio de la Frontera Sur
Co-authors: Luisa Lopez-Ochoa, Max Mizraim Apolinar Hernandez

Relevance of environmental safety assessments of individual biotechnology-derived traits for products combining multiple traits through conventional breeding
Ernest L Clawson, Monsanto
Co-authors: Lulu Cheng, Jamis Perrett, Aqeel Ahmad, Yan Wei, Oscar Heredia, Muhammad Asim, Hallison Vertuan, Murtaza Quddusi, Daniel Soares, Peter Asiimwe

Regulatory assessment of breeding stacks of approved parental events: Case study in Argentina and Paraguay
Magdalena Lopez Olaciregui, Dow AgroSciences
Co-authors: Cecilia Roca, Nicholas P Storer, Greg Bradfisch

Safety is innate in late blight resistant potatoes
Aaron Rowland, JR Simplot Company
Co-author: Jeff Habig

Risk assessment of GM potato with the erf gene for bacterial wilt resistance in Uruguay
Federico Boschi, National Seed Institute
Co-authors: Francisco Vilaró, Sara Murchio, Claudia Schvartzman, Cyril Zipfel, Marco Dalla Rizza


Limits of Concern as a useful concept to improve the ERA of GM plants
Marion Dolezel, Environmental Agency Austria
Co-author: Hanka Teichmann

Data transportability for field trial research
John Teem, International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) Research Foundation
Co-authors: Larissa Jarvis, Monica Garcia-Alonso, Paul Hendley, Marc L Metzger, Navin Ramankutty

Development and standardisation of a test method with soil organisms for the ERA of transgenic plants
Hanka Teichmann, Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)
Co-author: Stephan Jansch

CADIMA: An online tool supporting the reporting and conduct of the evidence synthesis process
Ralf Wilhelm, Julius Kuhn-Institute (JKI)
Co-authors: Christian Kohl, Stefan Unger, Steffen Kecke, Joachim Schiemann

Research with GM plants in a government-funded protected field site in Switzerland
Joerg Romeis, Agroscope
Co-authors: Susanne Brunner, Michael Meissle, Andrea Patocchi, Michael Winzeler


Effects of Cry1Ab Bt-rice straw return on the earthworm Eisenia fetida
Yinghua Shu, South China Agricultural University (SCAU)
Co-author: Jianwu Wang

Testing insecticidal proteins and GM plant material on a surrogate dipteran species
Michael Meissle, Agroscope
Co-authors: Simone Haller, Joerg Romeis

The risk assessment of Cry1Ie protein on Chrysoperla sinica larvae
Kanglai He, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS)
Co-author: Xinxin Gao

Levels of Cry1Ac protein in herbivorous and predatory arthropods in Bt-soybean
Young-Joong Kim, Seoul National University

Impacts of sugarcane expressing Cry1Ab protein on non-target arthropods in Brazilian field conditions
Adriana Cheavegatti Gianotto, Centro de Tecnologia Canavieira
Co-authors: Danielle Angeloni Oldemburgo, Silvio Christofoletti Junior, Mariana Abdal, Tarciso Morescalchi Bortolin, Wladecir Salles Oliveira

Change of Bt-protein in the process of eight-times continuous Bt-corn planting and straw returning to soil and its effects on soil nutrient content
Jianwu Wang, South China Agricultural University (SCAU)
Co-author: Yuanjiao Feng

Effect of Cry1Ab Bt-maize straw return on greenhouse gases emission and nitrogen cycle in soil
Jianwu Wang, South China Agricultural University (SCAU)
Co-author: Yinghua Shu

Transgenic overexpression of EPSPS in Arabidopsis thaliana can enhance fecundity in the absence of glyphosate
Zachery T Beres, Ohio State University (OSU)
Co-authors: Xiao Yang, Lin Jin, Jason T Parrish, Wanying Zhao, David M Mackey, Allison A Snow

Crop wild relatives of cultivated eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) in the Philippines – Does Bt-eggplant pose a real threat?
Desiree M Hautea, University of the Philippines Los Banos
Co-authors: Nestor C Altoveros, Visitacion C Huelgas, Maria Lea H Villavicencio

Assessment of impact of gene flow on biodiversity: Experience with GM mustard
Pranjali Vishwakarma, Biosafety Support Unit
Co-authors: Sangeeta Agarwal, Vanga Siva Reddy, S Raghavendra Rao

Agronomic, ecological and genetic-segregation assessment of GM traited landraces: Evidence for the safe coexistence of maize landraces with modern GM maize hybrids
Bill Duncan, Monsanto
Co-authors: Baltazar Baltazar, Todd Werk, Silverio Garcia, Duska Stojsin, Juan Manuel de la Fuente, Aniruddha Raychaudhuri

Assessing the risk of GM sugarcane outcrossing with a related wild species using phylogenetic and pollen viability studies
Khanyi Hlobisile, North-West University
Co-authors: DM Komape, SJ Snyman, SJ Siebert, S Barnard

Spatial risk assessment of Saccharum and its wild relatives in South Africa to assess potential transgene flow from GM sugarcane
Dennis Mmakgabo Komape, North-West University
Co-authors: Johnnie Van Den Berg

Conservation and biosafety alternatives for productive coexistence of conventional and GM maize in its center of origin and genetic diversity
Jaime E Padilla Acero, AgroBIO Mexico
Co-authors: L Cordova-Tellez, S Garcia-Lara, E Molina-Macias, G Medina-Palacios, S Escoto-Hernandez, D Lugo-Barrera, JM de la Fuente-Martinez

Plant RNAi research in Europe
Jeremy Sweet, JT Environmental Consultants
Co-author: Bruno Mezzetti

Evaluating the risks of possible adverse effects of glyphosate on human and environmental health
Robert McDowell, Consult MRS