ISBR Student Poster Competition

The International Society for Biosafety Research is pleased to announce its inaugural ISBR Student Poster Competition which will take place during the 13th International Symposium on the Biosafety of Genetically Modified Organisms (ISBGMO).

When submitting an abstract for a poster to the 13th ISBGMO Program Committee, students may also enter into the ISBR Student Poster Competition Prize. Students compete only against other students in their poster display session, of which there are two (Session I: November 10, 2014 and Session II: November 11, 2014).

First prize in each session consists of: a two year membership in ISBR, a $150 cash prize, and an award plaque. Honorable mentions will be awarded to two additional students in each session, each of whom will receive a two year membership in ISBR, a $50 cash prize, and an award certificate.

The winners’ names and abstracts will be posted to the ISBR web site and highlighted in the ISBR Newsletter. Students must enter the competition at the time of abstract submission and the content of the poster must represent the student’s own research project.

The winners will be announced on November 13, 2014 after the final plenary session of the Symposium. Prizes and completed judging forms will be mailed to student competitors within a few weeks after the Symposium.

How to Enter the ISBR Student Poster Competition

A student is eligible for the competition if:

  1. s/he is currently enrolled in university as an undergraduate or graduate student; or
  2. s/he has completed her/his most recent degree less than 12 months prior to the start of ISBGMO 12 (i.e., November 9, 2013 or after).

When submitting the poster abstract, please also indicate if the poster should be entered in the competition.

Evaluation and Judging

Students who present posters in the inaugural ISBR Student Poster Competition will be evaluated in three areas:

  1. Abstract (10%): Clarity, correlation with poster, and grammar.
  2. Scientific content (50%): Introduction and background with literature cited, objectives, materials and methods, results and discussion, and significance to field. The quality of the research presented will be judged on its scientific rigor and significance as conveyed by the poster. Each poster must be self-explanatory. Judges may discuss the poster with its presenter but this will not be considered in the evaluation of the display.
  3. Poster Display (40%): Posters will be judged on organization, effective use of space, legibility, grammar and spelling, and effective use of graphics.

Each poster display is judged independently by three judges who are selected by the Program Committee. Judges are encouraged to provide constructive comments for each presentation; however, comments may be very brief or absent because of the limited time available. In the event of a tie or a major discrepancy in scores, the judges will meet with the Program Committee Chair to resolve the issue.

Information about submitting an abstract for a poster can be found here. If you have questions about the poster competition please contact Norah Ringma at